Interests and updates

I’ve been exploring a range of work – what appeals to me and where I can add value. I heard someone’s journey described as heading toward a mountain, and if you don’t know whether an opportunity is right for you, look up and see if its on the way to the mountain. I love that analogy and I’ve decided that my mountain, while a bit unclear at the moment, is probably about positive changes in South Australia – crafting our future, if you will.

This post will keep a record of my adventures and hopefully links to what’s being generated in each space:

  • Changes in electricity networks. I thoroughly believe that we need to move to a model of smart distributed micro-grids. Easy to say, impossible to do under a heavily regulated monopolised regime. The disruption to the regime may well be people-power technologies like solar energy and smart houses.
  • Emission Reduction Fund – $2.55bn might be splashed around the country but what activity will this money unlock? The amount coming to SA could be more than I’ve ever seen invested in energy efficiency programs and yet if that’s where we could get it to flow, it would be an excellent outcome.
  • integrating economic opportunities for communities with a low carbon or sustainability transition.
  • co-working, clustering and innovation.
  • digital collaboration
  • digital savvy kids – I volunteer at school and hope to run a technology club next year, there [will be] a whole post on it here.

About Heather

I am an energy and climate change specialist with a background in industrial energy efficiency and climate change policy.
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