Adelaide’s personality profile – crowdsourcing the answer

imageFor those of us who live here, we all have a little bit of Adelaide in us – after all a place is shaped by its people. (People are also shaped by their place but that is a story for another day). And that brings us to the question, “Who is Adelaide?

You tell us!

strengthsWe’ve decided to crowdsource the answer and ask all of you good folk to do this strengths survey as if you had taken on the character of Adelaide for a day. It will take you a good 10 minutes – it is a freebie version of the Gallup Strengths finder which is a robust framework. (You can see more discussion about all of this below and I think the $22 for the book and the test is well worthwhile if you are interested in the real McCoy but I’d spend $22 on yourself, not on profiling Adelaide). So here are the instructions so we can make the most of all the information you gather:

Instructions, (please)

  1. Spend 10 minutes or so and do the Strengths Survey while imagining you are Adelaide;
  2. Cut and paste the result into a document or the Strengths column directly into this spreadsheet;
  3. Email me – with your results and relationship to Adelaide. For example, I’m born and bred (almost) but I have spent a decade away. Nevertheless I feel I belong here.
  4. If you go the spreadsheet route, just get in touch someway (email, FB, twitter etc) so I can make sure you see the results once we’ve crunched the numbers. (My number crunching spreadsheet can be seen here if you want to look at early results)

My journey with personality profiles

I’m going to take a few steps back and talk about personality and self awareness. I loved the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and my first introduction to understanding people’s types gave me some excellent personal growth as I became more self aware and more admiring of qualities I don’t have and don’t necessarily want. For example, I was blown away by the introverts explaining how slow it is to listen to a bunch of extroverts each think out loud before making a decision.

marcusA while later I was introduced to the Strengths Framework by the wonderful Gemma Munro and found thinking about strengths more useful than MBTI. The research is based on an enormous Gallup database and if you are interested, the best reading you can do is Marcus Buckingham’s books from the days when he was with Gallup.

The premise is that we have strengths because we have practiced them. We have practiced them because we enjoy them. Working to your strengths is tantamount to doing what you enjoy all the time so its a nice thesis. Two further points to make are 1) each strength has its downside and 2) working to people’s strengths requires us to treat everyone differently and let go of beliefs about treating everyone equally.

The_Way_We_re_Working_Isn_t_WorkingAnd I must be on the right track because you can find plenty of articles with similar themes. I was taken by this parenting blog recently about how to find time for everything – her answer is that she only does what is hers to do.

I’m also a fan of the Energy Project about how we need to find more energy rather than more time. They highlight that boosting your spirit involves working in your sweet spot – with your strengths, aligned to your values.


About Heather

I am an energy and climate change specialist with a background in industrial energy efficiency and climate change policy.
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