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Here comes everybody by Clay Shirky

This post is overdue – by about 5 years. I loved this book, it sent me racing in to discover the world of social (web 2.0 we used to call it) and I have talked to heaps of people about … Continue reading

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Reinventing Knowledge

I’ve just been on a fascinating journey through the ages of learning and knowledge. Only someone with a clear understanding of the pursuit of understanding through the ages could construct this book and define these ages – each one acknowledging … Continue reading

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Renewables for All

I’m currently doing some work with the Coalition for Community Energy and the Conservation Council to explore opportunities for those who can’t readily access renewable energy. This is typically people who rent, those on low income or those who live … Continue reading

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LEDs light the way

In the beginning LEDs came in red and a yellowish green colour. They were a fantastically efficient way of making light in these colours but were largely restricted to use in electronics. Then a very clever person created blue, which … Continue reading

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Influence, customer focus and thinking like a freak

Does your life seem to resonate sometimes with a certain theme? – well this week mine seemed to be telling me to get much better at defining what a customer might want. It started with a business model workshop for … Continue reading

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