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TEDxAdelaide – bigger isn’t better

Giving a TEDx talk was a wonderful experience. The speakers were so well supported by the Adelaide team and they really do put together a great show. My thanks and gratitude to everyone who was involved. I fluffed a few … Continue reading

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Confidence is queen

Not Just lucky by Jamila Rizvi Why do women work hard and then put their career successes down to luck? Jamila Rizvi sets out to do more than expose the workplace gender inequities that exist, she also hopes to offer … Continue reading

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A Community Energy Program for Resilient Hills and Coasts

Six Councils from the Adelaide Hills to Kangaroo Island are calling for ideas for a community energy program. Victor Harbour has already run two community bulk buy programs for solar and is especially interested to see an offering that will … Continue reading

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Energy, South Australia, 2018

The barrage of announcements from various politicians reminds me daily that an election is nigh. Labor, Liberal and Xenophon have all read the public mood and remained pro-renewables. (The Greens have always been pro-renewables of course) The party energy policies … Continue reading

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Is local electricity cheaper?

Is local electricity cheaper? I believe it is, and I believe we need to price the system to move it toward this outcome. I’ve written about this topic before – Here and Here, so let’s explore. We have huge centralised … Continue reading

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One small change to delight those who walk around our city

Every few months I get a bee in my bonnet about the settings on the pedestrian signal at a traffic light. Most recently I watched two big groups wait through a whole cycle of lights just outside the Piccadily cinema. … Continue reading

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Could we make electricity free?

This draft blog was 18months old but as I’ve just revisited the topic, I decided to finally publish it as a basis for thinking about electricity prices. I believe that we should make our electricity free (or almost free) at … Continue reading

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Pricing the Electricity Network

[Post originally drafted 2 years ago, on the basis of my recent post, and discovery of this one, I’ve decided to publish this one too] How should we share the costs of our electricity grid? – both now and in … Continue reading

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