Heather Smith

heather_cartoon smallI am an energy and climate change specialist, an electrical engineer and a public policy maker.

I am also a Churchill Fellow, recently returned from the opportunity to study energy transitions and community energy – In the UK, USA, Denmark, Germany and Japan.

I got into the energy game straight after Uni, making the most efficient solar panels in the world on an internship with the Uni of NSW, climbing wind turbines in Scotland and playing handball in Hurup Thy, Denmark during my stay at the Folkecentre for Vedvarende Energie.

I had a fantastic time in the UK and Ireland building cogeneration plants and a stint running my own consultancy with Heather Smith Energy Engineering.

I’ve loved the big picture though and after a couple of short term visits to State Government, I finally settled in to develop climate change policy – for a decade!

I’m starting a new chapter of my life, starting with my Churchill adventure and trying to find my role in the energy transition that is underway.

I’ve set up this blog to explore ideas, record my journey and hopefully learn a whole heap.

You can find out more about my projects over at changingweather.com.au or you can send me an email using the form below:

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