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I am an energy and climate change specialist with a background in industrial energy efficiency and climate change policy.

Energy Transition, lessons from South Australia’s energy crisis

Over a year ago, I compiled a list of lessons from South Australia’s renewable energy leadership. At the time, I cast my mind back over the past decade and highlighted the ways that rapid change had caught out the policy … Continue reading

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Co-design, for an energy future

One of the conclusions from my Churchill Fellowship was that every place will have its own unique energy solutions and we need to do the work of understanding ours. How exactly? is a question I’ve been grappling with for the … Continue reading

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Why I’m joining Tempus Energy

This article first appeared on my LinkedIn blog I’m joining Tempus Energy to develop their business in one of the most interesting electricity markets in the world – South Australia. Many of you know me as a climate change policy … Continue reading

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Communities creating power across the world

I had a great opportunity to talk to the Sustainability Connectors this evening – about my Churchill Fellowship, about community energy taking off in Australia and about creating a flex market in South Australia through my new role at Tempus … Continue reading

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A community energy movement in Southern Adelaide

I love talking to local groups about community energy. At Marion tonight the Common Thread crowd were full of questions and discussion. And the home made soup made for a very inviting atmosphere. I gave a presentation  but when asked … Continue reading

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Firing up Port Adelaide Enfield with solar

It was so great to speak at the Port Adelaide Enfield Environment Forum last week. I gave a presentation and they got me thinking about how to crack open the opportunities  in the area. I was deeply impressed that a … Continue reading

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Alternative currencies leverage new value – lets build one for SA

I’m slow to the game on this one. Alternative currencies have been experimented with for many years. Many communities are looking for local value to be the first stop for shoppers. Michael Schuman is not convinced and left it out … Continue reading

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