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Deep Work – can I summon it?

I understand the value of deep work, the opportunity to truly focus and to create the space to do so. But I’m not sure I could give it the priority Cal Newport does. That’s the point though, isn’t it? Deep … Continue reading

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A hopeful vision of new politics

What an excellent piece of work by George Monbiot! This book adds a number of important layers to our understanding of what it will take to change our path. Monbiot’s key message is that the story we tell needs to … Continue reading

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Power, and its careless use

What would the world look like if women suddenly had the power? Something I love about a work of fiction is the shadow it leaves in your thoughts for days to come. Naomi Alderman left me with a chuckle and … Continue reading

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The Power of Onlyness

The power of Onlyness – make your wild ideas mighty enough to dent the world…. The denting the world stuff is a very attractive concept to me. I enjoyed the Breaking Out book for the same reasons and tried to … Continue reading

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The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly

This was a really interesting read for me. Trying to put myself in the mind of someone who has tracked technology since the beginning of the internet and understand what he is trying to say. The trends Kelly identifies are … Continue reading

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Confidence is queen

Not Just lucky by Jamila Rizvi Why do women work hard and then put their career successes down to luck? Jamila Rizvi sets out to do more than expose the workplace gender inequities that exist, she also hopes to offer … Continue reading

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Governance and organisational structure

For a long time now I’ve been interested in self-organising ways of getting things done. Clay Shirky provides the metaphor of exploring the desert. The existing institution doesn’t need to explore the desert unless it is in crisis mode. The … Continue reading

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