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Governance and organisational structure

For a long time now I’ve been interested in self-organising ways of getting things done. Clay Shirky provides the metaphor of exploring the desert. The existing institution doesn’t need to explore the desert unless it is in crisis mode. The … Continue reading

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Five reasons why we need a broader set of voices to shape our energy transition

The electricity market is a unique complex beast. When we discuss how it must change, it is easy to get drawn into technical issues that rely on detailed knowledge of how the system works. Even inside the system, those across … Continue reading

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Who is leading our energy transition?

Today the ideas from my Churchill Fellowship had their first big outing – I was asked to speak at Adelaide’s Festival of Ideas. Here is the speech I prepared, slightly more polished than the one I gave. ———————- For years … Continue reading

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Shaping the Path

…for energy productivity and procurement. This is the second blog capturing the bulk of the reading I’ve done on the psychology of choices, behavioural economics etc. You can read the first in Decision Making Trickery. I’m trying to focus this … Continue reading

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Decision making trickery

This blog post attempts to cover some diverse territory and quite a few books. If you want to jump straight from how our decisions can be influenced to what we need for good energy efficiency decisions, click straight through to … Continue reading

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Questions and Frameworks to answer them

After the Breaking Out book inspired this long post, Margie and I decided to spend a bit more time looking at the questions that might be inspiring us (or causing a ‘fascination’) and the frameworks that we have found interesting … Continue reading

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How to build influence in a world of competing ideas

Book Discussion: Breaking Out by John Butman. I am lucky to be surrounded by thinking folk and people who explore their ideas and reading thoughtfully in order to grow. This book celebrates such people by showing how the more vocal … Continue reading

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