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Good Luck Dr. Finkel

Australia needs an excellent energy review by the Chief Scientist, Dr. Alan Finkel, more so now than ever. It is an unenviable task, and in his Adelaide briefing Dr. Finkel showed he already has his head around the issues and … Continue reading

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Nine inspiring MESSAGES from the 2017 Community Energy Congress

Last week over 600 people attended the 2017 Community Energy Congress in Melbourne. There was a wave of positive energy as delegates from the 90+ community energy groups all around Australia shared insights and worked toward greater levels of local … Continue reading

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Was this Adelaide’s ‘Superstorm Sandy’ moment?

On Wednesday evening a significant storm took out the entire South Australian electricity grid. Most suburbs were blacked out for at least 4 hours, businesses closed and traffic snarled slowly home as it navigated a city in darkness without traffic … Continue reading

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Shaping the Path

…for energy productivity and procurement. This is the second blog capturing the bulk of the reading I’ve done on the psychology of choices, behavioural economics etc. You can read the first in Decision Making Trickery. I’m trying to focus this … Continue reading

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LEDs light the way

In the beginning LEDs came in red and a yellowish green colour. They were a fantastically efficient way of making light in these colours but were largely restricted to use in electronics. Then a very clever person created blue, which … Continue reading

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