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Was this Adelaide’s ‘Superstorm Sandy’ moment?

On Wednesday evening a significant storm took out the entire South Australian electricity grid. Most suburbs were blacked out for at least 4 hours, businesses closed and traffic snarled slowly home as it navigated a city in darkness without traffic … Continue reading

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A visit to Coop Power

On Wednesday I was hosted by Lynn Benander at Coop Power in western Massachusetts. I gave a talk to a great bunch of coop members and active citizens in the local Climate Action Now chapter. It was very interactive – … Continue reading

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Australian Community Energy

Following this excellent Guardian article by Matt Charles-Jones, I thought it worth summarising the best examples of community energy in Australia. A core group of people need to be credited with the foresight to build a backbone organisation for community … Continue reading

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Imagining a Low Carbon Economy

Our economy is interlinked with our energy consumption – intimately. The Oil Crisis of the 70’s triggered a scramble of activity in Energy Departments around the world. Suddenly energy security could not be taken for granted and energy efficiency was … Continue reading

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Learning our way to 100% renewable energy

South Australia is a surprising leader in the world’s journey to 100% renewable energy. Other smaller islands and towns have already hit the 100% target. Denmark and Germany have been in the lead for policies and action for 1 to … Continue reading

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How will you measure your life?

I picked up this book because I’m on an innovation roll and Clay Christensen is the father of disruptive innovation theory. I didn’t expect quite so much moralising, but in a sense it is Christensen’s faith that has led him … Continue reading

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The Great Escape

…Health, Wealth and the Origins of Inequality. This book was a data nerdy feast. What a fabulous question to answer – are we better off? and is it at the expense of others? The stories that inspired it are personal. … Continue reading

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