I regularly speak at events with my various hats on:

I’ve also been writing and am occasionally published. This page aims to keep track of some of my outputs.

November ’17. TEDxAdelaide!

I also gave a talk at the No More Bad Investments Forum – you can watch Ian Dunlop’s keynote here

July ’17. I had a great chat with Sue Reece at Radio Adelaide – an 11 minute vision for our energy future.

I spoke at Port Adelaide and Marion and captured the discussions/slides in blogposts

Feb ’17. Slides for breakfast talk with CBB about CORENA

Soren Hermansen from Samso was in Adelaide. I introduced him with a ‘what could community energy do for us‘ talk.

A series of radio interviews on 3D radio

Oct ’16. I was asked to speak at Adelaide’s Festival of Ideas. Here is the speech I prepared, slightly more polished than the one I gave.

May ’16. Talks (and slides) in Fort Collins and Massachussetts.

Feb ’16. Article in Renew Economy:

Oct ’14. Joining an excellent lineup for a Leading Women in Climate Change Panel