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My PhD – redesigning the electricity grid

Almost a year has flown by and I haven’t announced my PhD formally. That’s because its taken me a long time to wrap my head around what I’m doing and which parts of it are going to provide the ‘original … Continue reading

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Five reasons why we need a broader set of voices to shape our energy transition

The electricity market is a unique complex beast. When we discuss how it must change, it is easy to get drawn into technical issues that rely on detailed knowledge of how the system works. Even inside the system, those across … Continue reading

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Who is leading our energy transition?

Today the ideas from my Churchill Fellowship had their first big outing – I was asked to speak at Adelaide’s Festival of Ideas. Here is the speech I prepared, slightly more polished than the one I gave. ———————- For years … Continue reading

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Here comes everybody by Clay Shirky

This post is overdue – by about 5 years. I loved this book, it sent me racing in to discover the world of social (web 2.0 we used to call it) and I have talked to heaps of people about … Continue reading

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The Learning Journey

I have become convinced that all fellow travelers need to experience a learning journey (often gaining experience from each other) when attempting to create solutions for the better. This post discusses three key elements: Genuine engagement, Public Judgement and User-led … Continue reading

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On the subject of ‘Change’

I’ve been exploring a range of work over the past three months. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse my interests are and that poses a challenge for ‘branding’ myself and winning work. I’ve come to the conclusion that … Continue reading

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