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Change starts from within

Change starts from within …but mustn’t end there My first real blog was about change. And when I reflected on opportunities that have resonated with me I wrote, “My core question: How can we solve the world’s problems?…. together?…. by … Continue reading

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Influence, customer focus and thinking like a freak

Does your life seem to resonate sometimes with a certain theme? – well this week mine seemed to be telling me to get much better at defining what a customer might want. It started with a business model workshop for … Continue reading

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Can evolution explain human nature?

I’ve just read a fascinating book that has put the whole question of human nature into an evolutionary perspective. David Sloan Wilson’s view of the world is that evolution operates at every layer in human existence, our cellular level, us … Continue reading

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Adelaide’s personality profile – crowdsourcing the answer

For those of us who live here, we all have a little bit of Adelaide in us – after all a place is shaped by its people. (People are also shaped by their place but that is a story for … Continue reading

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How to build influence in a world of competing ideas

Book Discussion: Breaking Out by John Butman. I am lucky to be surrounded by thinking folk and people who explore their ideas and reading thoughtfully in order to grow. This book celebrates such people by showing how the more vocal … Continue reading

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On the subject of ‘Change’

I’ve been exploring a range of work over the past three months. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse my interests are and that poses a challenge for ‘branding’ myself and winning work. I’ve come to the conclusion that … Continue reading

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